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Proven SEO Results

Below is a list of some of our current and past clients and the keywords they can be found under on Google.
Our track record in getting our clients the absolute best results possible speak for themselves as shown below.

Feel free to contact any of the owners of any of the websites listed below, ask if we do good work
then contact us when you're ready to have your website listed at the top of Google.

(Clicking the link to the left of the client's name will open a new window showing the current
Google results for the keywords the client wanted to be found in Google as)

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Maine Tuxedo Rentals - client: Antoine's Formal Wear Portland, ME << Current Client (also built website)
Contact: John Maalouf

Maine Sober Living - client: Skip Murphy's Sober House Portland, ME << Current Client (also built website)
Contact: Joe Riley

Long Island Security Guards - client: EMG Security Setauket, NY << Past Client
Contact Emil Guirgis

Southern Maine Sitework - client: Northeastern General Contractors Standish, ME << Past Client
Contact Carroll Marean (also built website)

Manassas Spray Tans - client: My Liquid Sun Woodbridge, VA << Current Client (also built website)
Contact Natalie Higgs

Food News - client: Sustainable Food News Scarborough, ME 2.6 Billion results! Currently #8 << Past Client
Contact Dan McGovern

Self Book Publishing - client Infinity Publishing Philadelphia, PA 11.8 Million Results Currently #7 << Past Client
Contact Art Gutch

Irvine CA Chiropractor - client: Dr. Grant Babkow Irvine, CA << Past Client

Sportsman Marine Equipment Service Center - client: Sportsman Marine Woodbridge, VA << Current Client (building website) Contact: Todd Neale

Virginia Off leash Dog Trainers - client: Off Leash K9 Training Alexandria, VA << Current Client
Contact Nick White

Red Chili Mix - client: Caldwell County Chili Company Cumberland Foreside, ME << Past Client
Contact Bill Noonan

Coin Dealers - Village Coin Shop Plaistow, NH << Current Client
Contact Don Mangano

Washington DC Fitness Model - client: Shutler Fitness Alexandria, Va << Past Client (also built website)
Contact Dave Shutler

Mass Advanced Allergy - client: Mass Allergy Relief Center Lexington, MA << Past Client
Contact Bill Chausse

Boston Boat Dealers - client: 3A Marine Service Hingham, MA << Past Client
Contact Ed Lofgren

Orthopedic Custom Shoes - client: Deer Ridge Footwear also see: Thrill Sleds Townsend, VT << Current Client
Contact Steven Walton

Portland Maine Taxi - client: ASAP Taxi & Courier << Past Client
Contact Steve Kuntz (also built website)

Maine Solar - client: Maine Solar Energy << Past Client
Contact Phil Coupe (also built website)

Branded EMail - client: Fabusend.com Vancouver, BC 156 Million Results Currently #2 << Past Client
Contact Sean Carolan

Southern Maine Taxi - client: Coastal Cab Company Biddeford, ME << Current Client
Contact Chris Cameron (also built website)

Counter Intelligence Services - Counter Intelligence Ft. Lauderdale, FL << Past Client
Contact Darren Epstein

Scarborough Physical Therapy - client: Scarbourough Family Physical Therapy << Past Client

Philadelphia Dental Assistant School - client: SmileSystems School of Dental Assisting << Past Client

American Home Mortgage - client: American Home Mortgage Corp. << Past Client

Maine Supermarkets - client: Hannaford Brothers << Past Client

Maine Canvas - client: Maine Bay Canvas << Past Client

Maine Malpractice Law Firm - client: Smith Elliot Smith & Garmey PA << Past Client

Parents of Fallen Soldiers - client: Parentsoffallensoldiers.org << Current Client (no fee)

Maine Gold Star Families - client: Maine Gold Star Families << Current Client (no fee)

Fun Keywords that we've been able to get to the TOP of Google:

Google Expert - Currently #3 out of 568 MILLION Results!

Top Google Expert - Currently #1 #2 & #3 out of 161 MILLION Results!

Top SEO Expert - Currently #1 out of 23.8 MILLION Results!

Proven SEO Results - Currently #2 out of 3.5 MILLION Results!


Last Updated 4/23/2012

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